Did You Know?

Please begin by viewing the above youtube (c.5 min.) Incorporate the reflection below into your own thoughts.

How does this thought-provoking information and challenge connect with your choices to the upcoming elections and candidates – presidential, senatorial, house reps?  This election, as we know is unprecedented in our nation’s history.  Much is at stake, especially for the lives of those who are poor and/or marginalized.  The present situation did not happen overnight!  There are surely many factors, among them movements on both the right and left. e.g. the Tea Party, the Green Party, Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter. Significant issues have emerged – immigration, the wealth gap, violence within and between countries, education. 

Also link to last month’s blog on values and elections:  www.paradigmsshifting.org/election-2016/   It, too, assists as we prepare for November.

We know we are living in a world and country that differs greatly from the one many of us are familiar with; a world, as is evident in the youtube video you just watched.  How does education need to change?  What will family life look?  What about skills necessary for the work place? How can we insure the future of Earth in the midst of climate change?

I know you will have your own  questions that will arise with either worry and/or excitement.  In either case, your vote counts!

P.S. Nuns on the Bus Cincinnati is calling on all sisters, associates, friends and citizens who care about protecting the right to vote to join us Tuesday, September 13 at the Hamilton County Board of Elections meeting at 8:30 a.m., 824 Broadway. We want a standing-room-only crowd to witness to the importance of this issue. Our logoed yellow bus will be there for a press event outside the Board. 

2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Franette Hyc, SC September 11, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Louise, thank you for sharing your helpful insights. Franette Hyc, SC

  2. Kay Jackson September 17, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    I am glad that I was alone when I was reading this and was watching the video-I was”catching flies” by the end! The speed of obsolescence is depressing. There is a “wonderful” part in that new discoveries are quick but the ethics and morality behind the consequences of the of the finds is no where near the pace of discovery. In such a situation, more unpredictably is not warranted. The scope and diversity of issues continues to widen. Those who have been unable to keep up are underwater and those who have a modicum of time and talent work to hang on and study the issue and facts in a world moving so fast you gasp at 30

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