Sister Louise Akers

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Louise Akers who died Wednesday, February 7, 2018 in Mother Margaret Hall. Sisters, family and friends will greet  guests in the Motherhouse Chapel  Saturday, February 17 from 9:30 a.m. until time of the  Mass of Christian Burial at 11 a.m.

Thomas Aquinas

Even though she disagreed with Thomas Aquinas at times I am sure she would have agreed with this quote of his shared from the book “However Long the Night: Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis” by Annmarie Sanders. “St. Thomas Aquinas was so convinced about the necessity of acting upon one’s conscience that he insisted […]

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

Below is a link and parts of a beautiful reflection that Louise’s dear friend Deb gave at her memorial service back in April. She captured the heart and spirit of Louise that so many of us are going to miss.  Louise Akers’s reflection On Wednesday evening, April 10, the Resurrection Community, a community led by […]

My mother was a primary influence in my life.

I am also a woman whose life has been grounded in faith, the Christian faith, through the Roman Catholic expression. My faith was strongly influenced by Irish tradition along with an ecumenical upbringing and interfaith friendships at a very early age. My mother was a primary influence in my life.

I love, support and cherish…

I love, support and cherish the part of Church that upholds the gospel mission & vision of Jesus.    I reject the ‘power over’ patriarchal structure of those within the hierarchical institutional way of being church.  I believe in the Vatican II Church that celebrates the people of God and seeks to be the Church in the […]


“As citizens in an increasingly pluralistic and polarized country, I believe we are challenged to create more effective approaches to wrestle with critical and complex issues. Creative responses require taking new paths, participating..


Embed from Getty Images I cite quotes below by two outstanding women religious which stand in stark contrast with the ongoing current crisis erupting from decades of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein followed by continuing revelations about Kevin Spacey, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, ETC., and preempted by the conversation between Billy Bush and then campaigner, […]

War of Words OR War?!?

Embed from Getty Images Numerous articles have been and are being written related to U.S./North Korean relations and their negative dynamics. See a sampling of articles below. It seems incongruous that in 2017 our world is yet again on the precipice of a potential nuclear exchange! Yet with the above two men – President Donald […]

Violence in America

Embed from Getty Images I begin with two responses about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. I believe these two men are basically expressing very similar ideas; at the same time, both their voices are definitive and clear! What happened has no place in our country. We, as a nation, are bigger and better than the […]

Our Nation’s Agenda?

Embed from Getty Images Most of us, whether in opposition to or supportive of Trump, have long ago reached the “end of our rope” when it comes to coverage of Trump world!  I recently read an article in THE NATION magazine by **Andrew Bacevich (May 8, 2017).  In it, he offered a critique of the […]

I, Louise Akers

I, Louise Akers, am an educated white woman, a Sister of Charity, a World Citizen who lives an economically comfortable life in a world where at least two-thirds of the people are destitute. I live in an institutional Roman Catholic Church that is ruled by an exclusive male hierarchy that seems to have no limits […]

Journeying with immigrants, migrants and refugees . . .

During the 1960s, while in college, I first became aware of migrant farmworkers. Reading John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath along with seeing Edward R. Murrow’s documentary, Harvest of Shame, put me in touch with both migrants and immigrants.  Steinbeck’s novel was written in the 1940’s.  Murrow’s documentary was broadcast the day after Thanksgiving in 1960, CBS […]

Celebrating our Earth

Embed from Getty Images Hello, All! We celebrate Earth Day during April. (April 22) With S. Caroljean’s permission, I will use a blog from her website along with guiding you to further info on events during April.   However since I wrote this a major reversal has occurred in U.S. policy toward the environment and […]


Embed from Getty Images We have been and continue to be inundated about the activities and goals of the Trump Administration.  One of the most explosive attempts at exclusion is the Executive Order regarding immigrants and refugees.  This month’s blog will focus on some factual information about the Order, the judicial decision of the 9th […]


Embed from Getty Images We have just experienced the swearing in of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Many of us are justifiably worried and/or fearful.  Others have a sense of anticipation and excitement. As citizens in an increasingly pluralistic and polarized country, I believe we are challenged to create more effective […]

Populism – a threat or a challenge for the democratic system?

The election of Donald Trump as President-Elect last month was a surprise to most, including the candidate himself. ‘Monday nite quarterbacking’ was widespread throughout the political spectrum.  What happened?? How did this happen? Of course, numerous factors influenced both democratic and republican voters but one major factor was either overlooked and/or dismissed.  The pundits and […]

Are Women Human?

I once saw a question raised related to violence against women that questioned: “Are Women Human?” Seems like a superfluous inquiry, doesn’t it? However, treatment of women, whether it be through actions, attitudes and/or expressed values demonstrate that we are not. Historical roots and traditional customs offer deep roots to a negative response to this […]